Updated on March 18, 2021
CrowdTangle access criteria

Anyone can immediately access our popular public features, the Link Checker Chrome Extension, which allows users to see who has shared a link across social media, as well as our public hub of Live Displays, which give a real-time view of what’s happening across Facebook and Instagram on specific topics.

CrowdTangle account access

Full CrowdTangle access is available for Facebook partners who are in the business of publishing original content. This includes media publishers, sports leagues, music labels, public figures, and content creators, as well as the managers and agents who administer accounts on their behalf.

Publishers that have registered their news Page qualify for full access to CrowdTangle. Journalists can qualify for access through their employer organization or via journalist registration. Journalists who register qualify for access to Search, which is CrowdTangle’s primary surface for newsgathering. Fact-checkers qualify for CrowdTangle access if they are a part of Facebook’s Third-Party Fact-Checking program, or if they are an IFCN signatory.

CrowdTangle is also available for academics and researchers in specific fields. Learn more and apply to join our program here.

If you or your organization have a Partnerships contact at Facebook, please reach out to inquire about access. If you think your organization already has access to CrowdTangle, but you don’t have a login, please reach out to support@crowdtangle.com.