Using CrowdTangle to Track
Political Causes and Elections

Use keywords and lists to keep track of your candidate or issue(s) on social
Set up some combination of daily emails, rolling digests throughout the day and/or viral alerts based on both lists and local keywords to both (1) keep your team easily up-to-date on what partners or the opposition are promoting and (2) uncover articles pertaining to your candidate or issue(s) coming from both national and local media.

Track what’s working for your other chapters, partners and similar organizations
Set up viral alerts or rolling digests to keep tabs on how other campaigns organize on social, and see what they’re doing that’s working day-to-day.

Set up viral alerts for your own social accounts
Keep track of when a post is doing really well across your own accounts. That will help you decide if you want to repost, put money behind it, push the story out on other social networks, repost at a later date, do a follow-up campaign, etc.

Set up daily/weekly digests pulling from all of your different chapters to send to your social editors/organizers
Use either daily or weekly digests to share what pieces of content worked the best. Use it as a way to streamline analytics and share best practices across your organization.

Easily track what celebrities, business leaders, government officials,politicians and other influencers are saying about your issues, elected officials or your campaign
Set up a keyword search on your issue, and then filter by your own influencer lists (or use prebuilt CrowdTangle lists) to automatically be kept up-to-date with what influencers are saying. You don't have to follow any more Instagram handles from your personal account or worry about missing an important post again.

Build lists of your opposition
Set up daily and/or weekly digests to see what they’re doing that’s working, so you can counter effectively.

Use the Leaderboard to see how various social accounts compare to each other
With a list of all of your own Pages/accounts, your influencers, candidates and your opposition, Leaderboards can regularly show you how much engagement those accounts are getting, and you can see how you're doing in comparison. Bonus: Set up a daily/weekly digest for them to have them sent straight to your inbox.

Use the search Leaderboards to find the biggest influencers talking about you and your issues
Pop in a specific set of key terms, filter out your own pages, partners and spokespeople, then save it to see which other influential outlets are promoting (or opposing) your message.

Use a combination of custom date ranges and Saved Posts to quickly create daily/weekly/monthly social reports
Simply drag, drop and send.